Barling pipes dating

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Barling pipes dating

While the Four Dot remained their most famous product, the company also sold lines of “seconds” under various names, such as Mayfair, Fantail, Olde English, and Friar.

These were pipes made of good wood, but possessed of some flaw, usually filled with putty.

For all that, it is rare to find a an original Sasieni bit in which the dots are even the slightest bit off.

This in itself bears testimony to the fastidiousness with which Mr. It also makes it fairly easy to spot a fake Sasieni stem.

While this may raise a few eyebrows, I believe it will become clear these classifications are actually quite appropriate.

Therefore, it will also become clear a collector must be able to distinguish between Sasieni’s of different eras, as it is mainly the family made pieces made between 19 which are truly desirable to collectors.

Not surprisingly, this was reflected in the quality of the pipes made during these different times.

All bore the Sasieni name, and yet they were very different pipes.

The Eight Dot made its debut in the late 1920’s or very early 1930’s, and was discontinued during W. This was an excruciatingly difficult procedure, even on the Four Dot, for each dot had to be placed just right in order to create the desired diamond shape, and on the Eight Dot, both sets had to be symmetrical.

Both the Eight Dot and the Four Dot were marketed in the U. during the pre-war years, with the Eight Dot fetching more money, even though both pipes used the same wood.

The post war years brought many changes at the Sasieni company, not the least of which was the death of Mr. His son Alfred (named, perhaps, for his father’s arch-rival and former boss?

Personally, I find this highly doubtful, and many knowledgeable collectors agree with me.

The reason for this is one simply never sees a One Dot with a town name on it, or any other nomenclature that one would expect to find on a post 1930 Sasieni.

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