Do men find me intimidating

Posted by / 22-Aug-2017 03:25

Do men find me intimidating

Can you handle yourself well no matter where you are?

Can you talk to five men at once and still hold the reins of the conversation?

Men like it when a woman tells her man to sit back while she make all the decisions.

Could there be more to a desirable woman than just looks? Find out what men really want in the woman of their dreams.

Spend some time by yourselves or with your own friends, and learn to give space in a relationship.

Men like a woman in need, but they hate needy women.

A confident woman is awe inspiring and to a certain extent, intimidating.

If there’s anything that men want in a woman, this is it.

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#2 A confident woman We can’t stress this enough, but just understanding this one pointer can change a proverbial ugly duckling into the most beautiful princess overnight.