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Girls that show drug dealers yr profile

i feel more worried for her son but decided that i can't help her at all anymore.

I have to admit, I’d be pressed to come up with a question a parent has not asked me about addiction. Naturally, the easiest route is open communication.But i am doing this for my own survival and i realy had enough! I would agree with you that it is time to set boundaries and take a step back and distance yourself from your daughter. i have been for counselling wrt my husbands actions.Drug addiction can compel some really nasty behaviors, and it sounds like you've been on the receiving end for too long. But i have never realy had help with wrt drug addiction.At that moment I realized that I would no longer enable him by keeping him comfortable in his addiction and asked him to leave. He didn't see that as an option, so he kissed me goodbye and told me that he understood and walked out the door, that was three months ago. He has tried to sell pot, he has tried to sell medications that the doc has prescribed to him (for A.d.d.I am devastated and worried all of the time, but I love him enough to let go, get out of the way and allow him to find his pain, hopefully long enough to find his recovery. and sleep, etc.) We are without a plan of action, once again.

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We told him he was on his own, that he could go to the local Salvation Army or be on the streets. He stayed at the Salvation Army for a month and then got into another sober home that he paid for with a part time job. 2) If you chose to allow him to continue to live in your home - if you find pot, any other illegal drug or drug paraphernalia in your home or any car of yours that he may drive - CALL THE POLICE.

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