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Hiring dating consultants add message

They should use technology to help teach the students and cut the staffing. Our schools are bloated because of the labor unions.

The massive building of new schools was based on the population at that time.

If you're not doing your job well, they let you go regardless of years of service.

It sounds like it's time to break up LAUSD and return control to the communities.

Join the discussion below, or Read more at Daily Breeze. Yet the district also refuses to cut programs that their own research branch determined ineffective, such as the Periodic Assessment program.

A lot of these utterly useless drones are going to have to find real jobs. Jobs, where, if they don;t work, they don't get paid. Then you will kick yourself in the A ss for being a hater You know nothing, simonsez.

In it, Daily Breeze reports that: A day after more than 1,000 Los Angeles Unified office clerks, grounds workers and classroom aides lost their jobs, several thousand more reported to new work sites Wednesday in a mid-semester version of "musical chairs," as one school district official called the upheaval. Jobs, where, if they don;t work, they don't get paid. We have two duplicate management levels in LAUSD, both doing the same thing. THe cuts made yesterday were people who really do a lot of needed work.

Back when I was growing up in the 1960s, our class size was 32 students for every one teacher.

The class size is smaller now and technology is much better.

Why does LAUSD refuse to cut bad programs, consultants and contracts? Why does LAUSD spend millions of dollars per year on Small Learning Communities when even the Bill Gates Foundation -- the group that pushed the ill-fated reform -- stopped funding them due to their research that showed SLC's actually LOWER achievement? Time after time I have declared what the district should cut first--so today I chose to speculate what Wikileaks might find in the LAUSD archives:(The following is fictitious) They are currently HIRING special education assistants, but still giving their current special education assistants FURLOUGH DAYS.

WHY not keep the hiring freeze on these positions and restore their current employees work days?

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Creating a bunch of small districts as you suggest would be even more costly.