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Contrast is generally quite strong, though a lot of this film tends to play out in shadowy, dimly lit environments (aside from the apartment where the actual interview is taking place).Interview With a Hitman features a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix which is actually surprisingly subtle as far as films of this ilk typically go.Interview With a Hitman doesn't completely hang together quite as well as it might, but it's still a remarkable debut for Perry Bhandal, who if nothing else can use the film as an entre to command a higher budget for whatever projects he moves on to.Goss is quite good in a role that intentionally deprives him of the chance to show much (if any) emotion.In fact that's probably one reason why the track is so effectiveinstead of bludgeoning the listener over the head with nonstop LFE and whiz bang surround activity, the sound mix here is deliberately restrained for long swaths of the picture, only to be suddenly interrupted by bursts of aggressive activity.There are some really well done ambient environmental effects sprinkled throughout the film, sometimes with things as small as the sound of a screen door opening in Viktor's childhood Romanian tenement.

For more about Interview with a Hitman and the Interview with a Hitman Blu-ray release, see Interview with a Hitman Blu-ray Review published by There's a certain school of filmmaking that argues that so-called "pure cinema" is the truest mode of communicating via celluloid.The allusion to filmmaking schools in the above paragraph is not entirely by chance, for writer-director Perry Bhandal has not one but two Master's Degrees in both Film and Creative Writing, and he seems out to prove himself a double threat in Interview With a Hitman, his first feature film.Bhandal was evidently removed from a previous project which he had written, and Interview With a Hitman was shot on an extremely low budget and in a ridiculously short amount of time (most sources state a mere eighteen days), perhaps because Bhandal wanted to make sure he retained control and got everything "in the can" before any bean counters could get involved.We've already seen Viktor kill a lot of people (the film is rather gruesome at times) and are well aware, as is Viktor himself, that there are rather copious elements out for revenge, and so in a certain way Interview With a Hitman gives up its final conceit early on in the game.Despite some narrative missteps, though, Bhatal has still crafted a strangely compelling feature that is undeniably visceral at times, even if it may leave a bad taste in many viewers' mouths.

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This particular film proceeds for several minutes without one line of dialogue as we follow two seemingly unrelated men.

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