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Nicole Brown Simpson was born in West Germany in 1959 and grew up in Southern California. While their daughters were still toddlers, the family moved to the United States, settling in a home in Garden Grove, California. Her German mother, Juditha, had met husband Louis while he was stationed there as a correspondent for the American armed forces publication The couple initially set up life in Frankfurt, where the Browns had two girls, Denise and Nicole.Police eventually charged her ex-husband with the brutal murders, setting into motion an emotional and racially charged criminal trial that ended with a jury acquitting him of all charges in October 1995.The victims' families gained some measure of vindication in February 1997, when O. Simpson was found liable for the wrongful deaths at the conclusion of a civil trial.’ We were just kind of scared.” As for whether she’d ever reconnect with Simpson pending his potential release from prison this year, Jenner sighed. And it appears her wish may well have come true with reports Simpson has already told one of her producers in an interview from jail that he knifed ex-wife Nicole in self-defence - a confession he will now repeat to the talk show queen during a spectacular televised sit down interview. Nicole stepped out of the apartment - slashing the knife in the air.'"Before I knew what I was doing I took the knife away from Nicole and started slashing at her.There, the Browns had two more daughters, Dominique and Tanya.Nicole had no problem adjusting to California life.

When asked if she was in fact with Nicole in New York when Nicole purchased a pair of gloves “that may have factored into life later on,” Jenner gave a simple answer: “Yes.” She noted of Nicole, “She feared for her life, yeah.” Jenner was supposed to see Nicole the morning after she was murdered and was at first in complete “shock.” “I think after that initial shock of what’s going on, I felt like I knew, probably, what had happened,” she said.

The blonde beauty gravitated toward the beach as a young teen, and was named homecoming princess at Dana Hills High School. Simpson, who was married at the time and in the waning years of a Hall of Fame football career. Simpson divorced his first wife in 1979, and in 1985 he and Nicole were married at his palatial home in the tony Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood.

By the age of 18, Nicole Brown had begun working as a waitress at the Daisy, an upscale Beverly Hills club. By all accounts, the two quickly fell for each other and soon began dating. That year, the couple welcomed a daughter, Sydney, and three years later, they had a son named Justin. Friends and relatives would later recount seeing bruises on Nicole's body.

Jenner said she felt conflicted about her presumption of the former NFL star’s guilt while her ex-husband Robert Kardashian, whom she described as “the love of my life,” was a member of OJ’s “Dream Team” of defense attorneys. Robert was a very, very good man, very good judgment, he was an attorney, and he was OJ’s attorney for a period of time back in the day,” Jenner said carefully.

“He was always the voice of reason, and always somebody that everybody went to for sound advice, and he always have the answer, and you always felt safe with him.

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Our records show that Suzi Simpson status is currently unknown which means we are unaware if she is making movies, doing live shows and/or doing photo shoots at this time.

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