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Two officers also were killed in a rural area of the state of Antioquia of which Medellin is the capital.

Three other officers were shot and killed in Medellin in separate incidents, a police spokesman said.

It also operates affiliate stations in Tame (Tame FM Stereo), Ocana, Mariquita (Ondas del Gualí), Puerto Lopez (Marandúa Stereo).

You can listen to RCN Radio in New York in 98.7 and 89.9 FM in RCN Radio International.

Julio Mario Santo Domingo was its main shareholder until 2004, when Spanish Grupo Prisa bought the Grupo Latino de Radio, whose 17% was Santo Domingo's.

In 1945 Colombian Liberal Party politicians César García, Jorge Soto del Corral, Luis Uribe Piedrahita, Alberto Arango Tavera, Carlos Sanz Santamaría, José Gómez Pinzón, Alfonso López Pumarejo, and Alfonso López Michelsen created Sociedad Radiodifusión Interamericana, which would create the Emisora Nuevo Mundo in Bogotá.

A car bomb exploded in the cocaine capital of Medellin, killing 14 people and wounding 32 others in one of a spate of attacks in the violence-ravaged area, officials said.The bomb of about 330 pounds of dynamite packed in a car exploded at midday on a street near a police station in Medellin, the headquarters city of the warring Medellin Cartel of cocaine traffickers. Jorge Ferrero took over in a ceremony as commander of the National Police in the Medellin area.It was the 16th in Colombia since a fresh offensive by the warring Medellin Cartel began in April.Also killed was Patricia Roman, wife of Senator-elect Jorge Carvajal of the ruling Liberal Party.The explosion blew at least two bodies into a nearby river, a fire department official said.

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Nine policemen were killed in various attacks in the area and a second huge car bomb was deactivated in Medellin, 160 miles northwest of Bogota, police said Thursday.

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