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” He said: “I’m in charge of cleaning.” I said something about promising my son I’d kiss him goodnight and left.‘The problem is people massively exaggerate their achievements on Tinder.‘The next one I met said he was something like an “outdoor design expert”.

The first guy I met through them on paper ticked every box.‘He was into sport. He was into food, was charming, funny and lived in Chelsea.

Victoria is determined not to allow her disability to define her, though she admits: ‘It does make me self-conscious about myself physically.’The vibrant and articulate strawberry blonde has had love affairs since the accident, though not a day goes by that she doesn’t wish Nico were in her arms.‘I’d do anything to have him in my life but he’s not going to come back so I’ve got to make the most of the situation I’m in,’ she says.‘Weirdly, we used to talk about what I’d do if something happened to him.

He said: “Promise me you won’t be on your own.” So, I can almost feel him saying: “Get out there.

A few evenings ago Victoria Milligan was in a bar with some girlfriends when a man who was the image of her late husband walked through the door.‘I thought: “You are so my type”, and I told him,’ says Victoria.

‘He said: “You are so my type, too.” But he lives in Amsterdam.’ She shrugs.

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There is a bronze cast of Emily’s little feet on the coffee table, two oil paintings of koi carp on the walls (bought when Nico and Victoria shared their first home by the Thames), Nico’s old leather chair beside freshly upholstered sofas and numerous photographs of the family’s ‘perfect life’ together until it was devastated on that terrible bank holiday.‘I’m always going to miss my old life because that, for me, was the perfect life,’ she says.‘I was married to the most incredibly gorgeous man with four amazing children.

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