Who is dating lebron james difference of dating and courting

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Seeing as how Heidi likes to post outdoorsy things and pics of her doing the aforementioned activies onto her Instagram, James found that to be the ideal icebreaker.

Here's what the four-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA champ slid into the DMs of Heidi — which she screengrabbed and shared to Snapchat.

Another one of James cryptic tweets has everyone wondering what it might have meant.

Who really knows, but one thing's for sure: no matter how bad things to appear for Le Bron James, any of us would happily trade places with him — even if he does have terrible game.

This is a hilarious — and potentially pathetic — flirting technique by James.

The whole LOL after asking her his question is borderline middle schoolish.

Then again, the dude has clearly made lots of wise moves before, so who are we to judge.

According to COED, Heidi Hoback was one of their 42 Finalists from Miss COED 2017, as she submitted some pics of herself as a student at Virginia Tech, but later transferred to George Mason University.

One thing's for sure, it smells pretty shady, so I'm sure James' wife isn't all too pleased with the news. While we have yet to hear from Le Bron James about this whole sliding into DMs thing — which, let's face it, we never will — the model who he apparently hit up with a (potentially) awful pick-up line has given us a story about how it all came to be.

The woman, Instagram model Heidi Hoback, took to You Tube to describe the encounter with King James, with an eight-minute explanation for fans to better understand what happened.

Michael Rapaport is finally coming clean about his beef with Le Bron James ...

saying it all goes back to how The King treated his 2 sons back in the day.

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So, yeah, considering he's had over half his life to learn from any of his own — or other athletes' — mistakes, we'd say he's top-notch at this kind of stuff.