Woman dating their sons myp2p2 online dating

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Woman dating their sons

Behind her in the hallway stood her husband of 16 years, crushed and angry at his wife's betrayal.It was an emotional family drama, not entirely unusual in this day and age.As the Nineties dawned, the couple were preparing to move to a country cottage with a huge garden.

'I was incredibly shocked, not in the least because until that moment I'd never thought I could be gay.

Now 28 and 30, their sons have struggled to confront their mother's sexuality and say it has had a profound impact on their own ability to build lasting relationships.

Yet while confessing to regrets, Lynn is largely unrepentant about her choice.

'I'm sure many people will say I should be ashamed of myself, but to me, guilt would be too strong a word, because while I did find love with another woman, I never stopped loving my children. 'The thought that I would leave my family home - and ultimately turn the lives of my husband and sons upside down - to live with another woman had never crossed my mind.

'I wouldn't have blamed them if, after everything I've put them through, they never wanted anything to do with me again.

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The couple's first son, Ben, arrived within a year, followed by Sam two years on.

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